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One Day vs. Two Day Administration


If the entire PreACT program is administered in one day, the examinee information sections of the test must be administered first, followed by the four subject tests (English, math, reading, and science).

Because of the time required to complete the examinee information sections of PreACT, some schools prefer to administer PreACT over a two-day period.  In this case, the examinee information sections must be administered on Day 1, and the subject tests on Day 2.  However, care must be taken to ensure that examinees have the correct answer folder on Day 2.

In no case should the subject tests of PreACT be administered prior to the examinee information sections.  Doing so increases the risk of examinees filling in random bubbles on the test sections if they did not complete a section of the test or otherwise making extraneous marks that can affect scoring.


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