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November 26 - November 30

November 28, 2018


If a Kansas school calls and asks if their students are included in the upcoming PA Next Student Data Upload, they are to contact KSDE directly for verification.

November 26, 2018


The following schools will be testing on Tuesday December 4th as part of the Tennessee Senior Retake

  • HS: 432275 Grundy County High School (107 Students)
  • HS: 431457 Oakhaven High School (55 Students)
  • HS: 431179 Wilson Central High School (373 students)


Secure and nonsecure materials are scheduled to arrive on or shortly after November 26th


x2800 will be turned on at 6am on Dec 4th. It will be turned off at 5pm.


There has been some media coverage of these reschedules.


Any and all media inquiries should be sent directly to media relations.

Ed Colby (x1147) or Tarah DeSousa (x1836)



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