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January 7-11

January 9:

  •  2 virtual schools in North Carolina have requested and been approved to transport materials to off-site testing locations and keep materials at the off-site testing location overnight (for more than one night). Questions should be directed to the NC Project Coordinator (via the Salesforce Escalations Queue)."

January 8:

  • The ACT Online S&D manual has an error on page 12. Text to speech students are NOT required to test individually. They may test in a group if they are each wearing headphones.

January 7:

  • If there is a problem with applying a PIN in TAA and you do not see an obvious error to explain it, check to make sure there is not an extra space in the student's name. You can click on the "edit information" button in TAA to check if there is one.
    • (Remember, the PIN still will not apply until TAA and PANext do their necessary updates, which occurs every 10 minutes at times ending in "0". EG if you make a change at 11:42, you must wait till 11:50 to successfully apply the PIN.)


  • Standard time initial orders will be placed by TA based on enrollment counts. Schools should not need to submit any order requests until the additional order dates listed on their state/district's schedule of events.


  • Workkeys requests do not need to be submitted through TAA, but please remind schools calling about those orders to use the Setup>Organizations>Edit Enrollment Counts interface to set the number of each type of material that they will need. Refer to the images below if you have any questions.

workkeys initial 1.PNGworkkeys initial 2.PNGworkkeys initial 3.PNG


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