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February updates

February 21,2019

  • Oklahoma has allowed its schools to offer the ACT to the same students for both district contracts and the OK state contract. You may see some students showing up under 2 contracts - this is not a mistake, but is allowed.
  • NC schools have suspended online testing and will be doing paper makeup tests instead. If a student needs use of a computer on the essay or large type or something similar due to this format change, we will allow a 3/12 late consideration request to be made. The school MUST attach a Late Consideration Form stating "NC Format change exception". 2/22 UPDATE: We are hoping this may be resolved soon, so please ask NC callers to wait to place makeup orders till next week if at all possible!
  • Please include the following tag in makeup order cases : "@timothy burnham @troy knight : Makeup order for [state]." Assign the case to Troy.

February 18, 2019

January 28, 2019

  • Kaukauna High School & Onalaska High School will receive packing slips indicating the test package BRAILLE UEB/READER/WRIT ktis are backordered. Pearson is expecting to ship the materials Friday, February 1 for TD1.
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