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TAA Troubleshooting

ACT Accommodations received notification that you are receiving an error message when you attempt to log into the Test Accessibility and Accommodations system (TAA) at There are a few known issues that might be causing that error message to appear. Below are several tips that resolve the majority of problems you might encounter.

a.       Your bookmark to TAA may be out of date. We sometimes make updates to the site that are necessary to display it correctly. In order to fix this issue, please go to and click on the "Go to TAA" link to reach our most recently updated version of the site.

b.        Your Internet browser may be incompatible with scripting on the site. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox whenever possible while using TAA. Internet Explorer is not supported.

c.       Your browser may be trying to access information from a previous TAA session after the session has already timed out. To fix this, please clear your browsing cache and cookies, then close the browser and re-open it. Opening an Incognito Tab in Google Chrome has the same effect.

d.       Scripting on the site may be blocked by your Internet settings. If this is the case, there will be a small shield icon in your address bar, which gives you a message stating that a script was blocked on this page for being potentially unsafe. If this occurs, please contact your local IT department for assistance.

We hope these tips will be able to resolve the problem. If you experience any further trouble, please let us know and we will do our best to assist!


ACT Accommodations


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