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TAA - Submit an initial request


Requesting ACT-authorized accommodations/EL supports 

Prior to submitting a request for accommodations in TAA (Test Accessibility System), the TC (Test Coordinator) or TAC (Test Accommodations Coordinator) must have a Consent to Release Information to ACT form completed and on file at their school.

The TC or TAC will be able to request ACT-authorized Accommodations and/or EL (English Language) Supports from August 5 – 30, 2019.

  1. The TC or TAC will select the correct organization and hit continue.

  2. The TC/TAC will click on the New Request button to start the process of requesting ACT-authorized/EL Supports.

  3. TAA – Examinee Details

    1. The 1st step of requesting ACT-authorized EL supports through TAA is Examinee Details.  The TC or TAC will provide the examinee's information as seen below.  

Note: Private schools will not have a State Student ID. They may use their local ID


4. TAA – Testing Information 

The 2nd step of requesting accommodations is selecting the appropriate program and test date.

5. TAA – Reason for accommodations

 TC or TAC will indicate if the examinee is requesting ACT-authorized accommodations or EL Supports.


6. If the TC or TAC indicates the examinee requires ACT-authorized accommodations, the staff member will need to select a diagnosed disability.


7. If the examinee is requesting EL support, the staff member will provide the examinee's native language.  

Note: If the native language is not listed, the staff member may type the native language under Other. If the staff member chooses Other, ACT does not have translated written verbal instructions of the examinees native language. 


8. TAA – Plan Details

  1. The TC or TAC will indicate the following depending if they are requesting ACT-authorized accommodations or EL supports.

    1. If the staff member is requesting ACT-authorized accommodations on behalf of the examinee they will indicate what type of plan (IEP/504/Official Accommodation Plan/Exceptions Statement) the examinee utilizes at school and how long the plan has been in place. 

9. If the staff member is requesting EL support on behalf of the examinee they will indicate if the examinee receive EL supports at school.


10. There are different types of ACT-authorized accommodations that can be requested depending on the diagnosed disability.

The list of ACT-authorized accommodations are below. Note: If the staff member cannot find a certain accommodation, they may type the requested accommodation under Other.

NOTE: Some requested accommodations are not compatible together and some accoms will trump the other (i.e. Test coordinator requests both TC3, TC6 and use of a reader script. The examinee will be assigned the higher accoms of TC3 with a reader unless ACT is notified).



11. Examinees who are requesting EL supports can request the following accommodations as seen below.


12. TAA – Documentation

The test coordinator will provide supporting documentation (i.e. 504 plan/IEP/psychoeducational evaluation reports etc.).

ACT recommends the TC/TAC to refer to the ACT policy for documentation that states specifically what supporting documentation should be submitted in based on the diagnosed disability for requesting ACT-authorized accommodations. 


13. TAA – Review 

The final step in TAA is the review section. The TC/TAC should review all information pertaining to the examinee prior to sending the request into review.
Note: Once a review has been submitted the TC/TAC cannot make any changes to the request until a decision has been made (7-14 business days).


Q. Once a request has been submitted in for review can the TC alter the request?
A. No, once a request has been submitted in for review, the TC will have to wait until a decision has been made on the request. You can advise the TC that if they submitted the request in prior to the final receipt deadline they can edit for reconsideration by the deadline published on their schedule of events.
Exception: The only “kickback” we will do is if the TC mistakenly uploads supporting documentation for the wrong examinee. In this instance, you will create a salesforce case and assign it to the analyst fix it queue.


Q. If the initial request is submitted on time, will the TC always have time to submit a reconsideration request?
A. Not necessarily. Reviews may take 10-14 business days, so if the TC would like time for a reconsideration, we recommend submitting the initial request early.


Q. If the school manages participation as testing during the makeup testing window, what test administration will they select?
A. The school will always choose their initial test date as indicated on their schedule of events for S&D when requesting accommodations through TAA.


Q. If a staff member missed the deadline for requesting accommodations and the examinee does not qualify for the late consideration form, what are the examinee's options?
A. The staff member may order NCR (non-college reportable, if applicable) materials and test the examinees. Examinees who test with NCR will not receive college reportable scores. The 2nd option for the staff member is to test the student during the initial test date with standard time materials with local arrangements. Examinees who test with standard materials with local arrangements will receive college reportable scores.


Q. If the staff member requests TC2, TC3 with a reader, TC3 with pre-recorded audio kit and TC7 which accommodation will be applied when materials are shipped?
A. If the staff member requests multiple accommodations, when we apply the TAA PIN the examinee will automatically receive the highest accommodation. In this example, the examinee will receive TC3 with the pre-recorded audio kit, which trumps the reader script. 

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