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TAA - Submit a reconsideration request

Reconsideration of accoms 

Schools who submit their requests by the published deadline on their schedule of events may submit a reconsideration for denied accommodations up until the final receipt deadline for reconsideration indicated on the schedule of events. However, as reviews may take 10-14 business days, students are only guaranteed a single review. Not all initial reviews may be completed by the reconsideration deadline.

Editing for reconsideration 
  • On the TAA homepage click on the examinees TAA PIN.
  • On the request history screen click the blue button labeled as “Edit for Reconsideration."

Reconsideration FAQs 

Q. How long is the reconsideration period?
A. Per the schedule of events, schools will have 2 weeks to submit a request in for reconsideration.

Q. What are some reasons why schools would submit a request in for reconsideration?
A. Examples of reasons why schools may submit for reconsideration:

  • The examinee was denied accommodations because there was insufficient supporting documentation submitted in to support the need for the requested accommodations. 
  • Incorrect information was uploaded and needs to be corrected
  • The school needs to request an additional accommodation left off the original request

Q. What are common missteps when editing for reconsideration?
A.  A common misstep for TC when submitting in a reconsideration is starting the process for reconsideration but not submitting the request for review by ACT. If the staff member sees the status is “action required” the request was not submitted in for review.  

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