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TAA - How to Create an Account as Test Coordinator

1. Go to
2. Click on "go to TAA"
3. Click on "create account"
4. Fill in the requested information with your school contact details
5. Receive an activation email
6. Click on the link and sign in to your new account
7. Click on "add/manage organization"
8. Find your high school and select "add"
9. Enter organization contact details and select "add organization"
10. Click on "back to TAA"
11. Select button next to your organization name
12. Click on "request access"
13. Select "Request Test Coordinator role"
14. Answer "yes" to verification questions
15. Enter the name of a school administrator who can confirm you work there

At this point, an email will be sent to the administrator whose name you entered. They will respond to the email confirming that the request was not made in error and that you have authority to access and share accommodations records. Once that is complete, you will get an email telling you that you are approved and may submit accommodations requests to ACT. At that point, when you log into your account and choose "continue," you will see all requests that were submitted by other employees of your organization, and will be able to add new requests yourself.

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