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PANext - Upload SDU

Student Data Upload (SDU): 

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The Student Data Upload (SDU) is a required file that contains a list of examinees that will participate in Testing. For District Testing, the DTC (District Test Coordinator) uploads the SDU file into Pearson Access Next. When the SDU file is uploaded, a unique Student Code is randomly generated for every examinee in the file.  If the schools misses the deadline and there were no students loaded, they will not receive barcode labels or initial materials. The SDU must be completed by the deadline listed on the Schedule of Events. For district testing, if the SDU is not loaded by the deadline, their contract will be terminated (as stated in the contract.)

Note: SDU files should not be emailed to ACT staff members; this violates federal and state privacy laws. If the customer absolutely needs to get it to us for help, have the customer submit a Support Request (Enroll/Unenroll Request) in Pearson Access Next. You can download the file from there to upload the SDU for the customer. If there are any errors that need to be correct, advise the customer to correct the errors and upload the fixed document to Support Request. 


Where to download SDU Template: 

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Customers and ACT employees can download the Student Data Upload Header Template file from the customers ACT-hosted website. You can find the ACT-hosted website on the homepage of Pearson Access Next.  

When customers fill out the SDU Template, they will need to include all required fields specified in the SDU - File Requirements and Loading Instructions PDF. Shaded Rows indicate fields that are required in the SDU file. They can find the file requirements on the ACT-hosted website on the home page of Pearson Access Next. 


How to upload Student Data File (SDU): 

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1. At the top right of the screen, make sure you are listed under the correct administration and organization.


2. Select the Setup icon, then select the Import/Export Data option.

Note: If a DTC states that they cannot see the import/export option, make sure they have the Importer role attached to their user account. All DTCs should have this role. The DTC can ask ACT to give the Importer role to the Test Coordinator (TC). ACT must get approval by the DTC before we can add the role whether it be by email or phone. When adding the Importer role, it can take 10-30 minutes for the change to take place. 


3. Select the dropdown on the Start button, then select All Tasks.

4. In the Type field, select Student Registration Import.

5. Select the Browse or Choose File button (depending on your browser) and navigate to the SDU file that you saved. 

Important! Ensure that the Don't modify student tests option is NOT selected. When this box is checked, no student data is imported. 

6. Select the Process button to start the import process. 

7. Using the Refresh icon to the right of Details, you can see when the records are loaded. A status message will indicate whether all records were Complete or Complete with Issues.


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Q: What is the SDU?

A: The SDU file is the list of examinees who are participating in State and District Testing. The information inputted onto the excel spreadsheet is uploaded to Pearson Access Next and used to send barcodes with student information and quantity of materials in the initial order. 


Q: What are some common missteps with loading the SDU in Pearson Access Next?

A: A common misstep when uploading the SDU is when the file is not saving as a CSV. When a file is not saved as a CSV, the file will not upload any data. To correct the mistake, open the Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx). Then save it as a comma delimited (.csv) file for importing. Common mistakes can be found in the Student Data Upload File Requirements PDF.


Q: What happens if they do not complete the SDU?

A: If schools miss the SDU deadline, they can still complete an enroll/unenroll request. However, if they missed the deadline and there were no students loaded, they will not receive barcode labels, initial materials, or have student codes for their initial shipment. Once the students are loaded by the enroll request, they will need to wait 5 business days for the request to be completed. Once the request is complete, there will be student codes listed for the TC to use on Block U of the answer document, and barcode labels will be sent with any additional orders.

Note: If the SDU was not loaded, the TC or DTC will need to place an order for ALL materials they need. They will need to contact ACT-Accommodations to receive accommodated materials if they requested accommodations by the deadline indicated on their schedule of events.


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