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PANext - Enroll/Unenroll

Instructions on how to upload the Enroll/Unenroll request into PANext

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Web address to PANext:

The DTC (District Test Coordinator) or TC (Test Coordinator) may upload the Enroll/Unenroll request file from August 5 – October 21, 2019. The DTC/TC can follow the steps below to upload the Enroll/Unenroll request:

  • Go to Support > Documentation 
  • Click on Enroll or Unenroll Students 

  • Once you click on the Enroll or Unenroll Students, an Excel spreadsheet will download. 
  • The following information is required on the spreadsheet:
    • Student Code (if known)
    • Unenroll School Organization Code
    • Enroll School Organization Code
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Middle initial
    • Grade
    • Date of Birth
    • State Student ID (If there is no State Student ID, provide the local ID for the examinee)
    • Deliver Format (paper=p, online=o).  Online format is not applicable for Fall District testing.
    • TAA PIN (if known)
  • To upload the Enroll/Unenroll file the DTC/TC will need to go back to the home screen select Support > Support Requests.

  • Select the drop-down list on Select Tasks and select Create/Edit Request, then click the start button.

  • To create or edit a request you will select the organization, provide a title (enroll or unenroll) and category.
    •  Once the DTC/TC fills out the information, they will upload the Excel spreadsheet and select create.
    • The staff member who submitted the request will receive an email notification confirming the request was received and will be notified once the enrollment/unenrollment information is processed by ACT. The resolution will come at the bottom of an email from, and the email will say “This request has been resolved” at the top. The staff member should then return to the request and view the notes left for them, in case the support request team found an issue with the template or requires further information before processing the request.
    • Note: Support Requests take up to five business days to be processed. You can view the status of requests at any time through your PearsonAccessNext account.


  • A "Success - Changes Saved" message appears.
  • Select Exit Tasks to return to the previous screen. If there are other examinees to request enrollment or unenrollment for, repeat the steps above. 


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Q: Why would you Enroll/Unenroll examinees?
A: If an examinee enrolls or unenrolls from your school before the test date, you need to submit a request for ACT staff to make this change for you. For District Testing, you must enroll or unenroll students by the deadline for accurate invoicing. 


Q: What are some common missteps with loading the Enroll/Unenroll file into PearsonAccess Next?

  1. When loading the Enroll/Unenroll include name mismatch when the DTC/TC loads the examinee in as their legal name however, the TC in TAA submits the request under the examinees preferred name the TAA PIN team will not be able to apply the PIN unless the name matches on both systems.
  2. When the TC/TAC submits a request in through TAA but has not enrolled the examinee into Pearson Access Next. In this situation, we are not able to apply the PIN for materials to be shipped. 
  3. Schools remove students no longer at the school from the original SDU file and re-upload, believing this will unenroll them. It will not. They must use the enroll process to remove students by the deadline or they will be included in the invoice.


Q: What happens if they do not enroll/unenroll students by the deadline?
A: If a school does not enroll a student by the deadline, the student will not receive a score due to no student code. Without a student code, score will take longer.

For District Testing, if a school does not unenroll before the deadline, they will be billed for the student. To have accurate invoicing, schools must unenroll before the deadline. 

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