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Updating expired EL supports

EL Supports are meant to be temporary rather than permanent, and typically expire at the end of the current school year, on 7/31/20XX. The support requests submitted in 2018-2019 were updated in fall 2019 to change the expiration date to 7/31/2020. If you see any with an expiration date of 7/31/2019 or earlier, then it was likely missed by the update, and you will need to make a case to correct it. For the time being, students that were approved last year should not need to submit updated documentation in TAA proving that they are still classified as English Learners.


To correct an expiration date:

1. Make a case in Salesforce under the Product "ACT - State and District Testing", Category "ACT Accommodations", and Sub-Category "EL Support."

2. Include the student's PIN, name, and "Fix Expiration Date" in the subject line.

3. In the case body, include any other relevant information, and state "please assign to fulfillment for PIN application in PANext once expiration date corrected."

4. Assign to the queue "Analyst Accoms Fix."

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