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Analyst Callback Cases

ACT-Authorized Accommodations Decision Letters include paragraphs explaining why an accommodation was not approved. However, those paragraphs may not always be sufficient to address a caller's questions and concerns. In situations like those, the phone agent may need to submit an Analyst Callback Case.

For State and District testing, we do not speak to parents regarding decisions. Only a school official may request a callback with one of our analysts.


We’ve changed the process for the analyst callbacks a little bit. The analyst team will be contacting the customer via email to schedule specific callback times. Here’s how it works.


Continue to create analyst callbacks, when necessary, after you’ve tried to assist them. In addition to PIN and other information we currently include it’s very important that the case contains:

  • Best phone number
  • Correct email address.
  • Specific question they are asking (please include all their questions if more than one) - Remember that analysts will not discuss exceptions to ACT policy or Exceptions to deadlines.
  • specific times of day that WILL NOT work for them.

Assign the case to the analyst callback queue . Inform the caller they will receive an email within two business days which they must reply to in order to confirm their appointment. If they do not reply the appointment will be released. 


If a TC is calling back about a scheduled appt:


Find their salesforce case to verify their appointment time – it will be in the email that was sent -- and check that they confirmed via return email which should also be in the case.

  • If it is after their appointment time, or they did not confirm, let them know you will submit their request again and remind them to watch for the email and to confirm.
    • Change the case to Working status,  post in the case when they called, and assign to the analyst callback queue.
  • If it is not yet time for their appointment remind them of their scheduled appointment and assure them they will receive a call at that time.


Below is the email the analyst team will be sending to them:



Mr/Ms <last name>,


We have received a request for you to speak with a representative from the Test Accommodations – Eligibility team. 

Our next available opening is <Day of Week>, <Month><day> at <time of day>.  

The phone number we have on file for you is <XXX-XXX-XXXX>.

You must confirm your availability for this appointment by replying to this email within the next 48 hours. If the appointment is not confirmed, it will be released and you will not receive a phone call.

If the scheduled time does not work for you, reply to this email to request a different time. Please include a preferred day of the week, and morning or afternoon time. Same day call backs are not available.

If you do not answer when ACT calls at the appointed time, the representative will call a second time, approximately 5 minutes later. If the call is still not answered, ACT will close the case. To receive a call back after this second attempt, you must call ACT customer care, let them know you missed a callback and reference your case number <salesforce case number>. You will then be placed into the queue to reschedule your call.


In order for this to be a productive call, please note the following:


During your 20 minute phone call the representative will discuss with you the answers to your questions:

<specific question 1>

<specific question 2>


The representative will not discuss:

     Exceptions to deadlines

     Other examinees

     Other testing agencies  

     Exceptions to ACT policy

     Their personal information, including their credentials 


Inappropriate language, derogatory comments towards ACT staff or other behaviors that ACT staff interpret as inappropriate will result in an immediate termination of the call. 


If you have questions related to documentation that must  be submitted with requests for accommodations, refer to our website:


If you have questions regarding registration, moving test dates, payment, please call 319-337-1270 between 8 AM - 8 PM Central Time.


If you have questions regarding administration of Special Testing, please call 319-337-1332 between 8 AM - 5 PM Central Time.


ACT Accommodations - Eligibility




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