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ACT-Authorized Accommodations: Requesting accoms and placing initial orders


Accommodations on the ACT must be authorized beforehand in order to result in a valid score. Requests for accommodations should be submitted through the ACT Test Accessibility and Accommodations (TAA) portal, found at Detailed instructions for submission may be found under Technical How-Tos.

Request and initial order workflow:

1. TC/TAC requests accommodations in TAA before the initial accoms deadline.

2. ACT reviews request and returns decision letter.

3a. If applicable, TC/TAC submits reconsideration request before reconsideration deadline

3b. If applicable, after initial accoms deadline, TC/TAC submits late consideration request before late consideration deadline

4. ACT pulls PINs and applies to students in PANext before PIN deadline

5. Accommodations orders generated based on PINs applied. Order details pulled by Pearson on POI deadline (usually one day after PIN deadline)

6. PINs applied after PIN deadline will result in additional orders being sent.



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