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ACT-Authorized Accommodations: Placing makeup and emergency orders


School officials participating in ACT State and District testing contracts may not place orders for secure accommodations materials directly, since ACT authorizes accommodations and determines the appropriate materials to send. Initial orders are calculated and shipped automatically based on the TAA PINs entered in PANext. For emergency and makeup orders, the contract's Schedule of Events instructs the test coordinator to contact ACT Accommodations to place an order.


The makeup order window will be published for BOTH Standard AND Accoms as the same date. Internally, Accoms can be ordered for makeup through Tuesday the week before makeup/emergency test date.  If ordered after Tuesday, then we must have project coordinator approval and/or expedited shipping. Ordering during the last week before the makeup/emergency Accoms window will not guarantee material arrival on the first day of the makeup/emergency Accoms window.


1. Agent sends out Accommodations makeup order template, “S&D State Makeup Materials Order”, for fall state and district (see resources)

2. TC sends back with an Accommodations and Supports Roster attached

3. Agent opens Roster to check for accuracy.

a. Is it in the format of the Accommodations and Supports Roster from PANext?

b. Is it clear which students require makeup testing materials?

c. Are there obvious additions that were not on the original Roster?

4. If Roster is confusing or in the wrong format, Agent returns email to TC asking for them to send the requested information

5. Once an accurate Roster is received, Agent sends the template "S&D State Makeup Materials Order-Reply" (see resources) and assigns email to the queue “State and District Makeup Orders” to be processed.

6. The fulfillment team will enter an order in PANext

7. Order will appear in PANext in Pending status, visible to TC

8. Order will be shipped, tracking information updated, and delivered

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