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Guide to the 2018 ACT/SAT Concordance


This document contains information on the ACT/SAT Concordance and how this information can be utilized.


The term "concordance" refers to establishing a relationship between scores on assessments that measure similar (but not identical) constructs. A technically sound concordance allows students and professionals to compare scores from similar assessments to inform decisions. A concordance score is not a perfect prediction of how a student would perform on the other test.

Content Overview

  • What is Concordance?
  • How were the ACT/SAT Concordance Tables Developed?
  • Which Concordance Tables Are Provided?
  • 2018 Concordance Tables
  • What Are the Potential Uses of Concordance Tables?
  • What Are the Key Considerations and Limitations When Using the Concordance Tables?
  • Additional Notes and Technical Specifications
  • SAT and ACT Item Counts and Test Content Descriptions

Download the full version here:

ACT-SAT Concordance Information

Guide to ACT SAT Concordance Image.PNG


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