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Online Prep - Student Info Flyer


This flyer describes the benefits of the ACT Online Test Prep program and the new features that are available for student use.


The Only Online Test Prep from the Makers of the ACT

With the new ACT Online Prep program, you can:

  • Prepare anywhere, anytime online with our mobile app
  • Take a practice test to find out your likely ACT Score
  • Identify your strengths-and see where you can improve
  • Follow learning paths made just for you based on your practice test results
  • Access a huge library of lessons to review for the ACT's four subject tests (English, math, reading, science)
  • See what the actual ACT test is like with practice questions and tests

New Features to Help You Prepare

  • Tools to track your progress
  • A free mobile app
  • Daily goals to help you stay on target
  • Flashcards customized for your review needs
  • A game center to further test your knowledge


Download the full version here:

Online Prep-Student Info Flyer

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