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Administration Manual for PreACT


This manual covers PreACT administration, including test structure and procedures, staffing needs, and materials handling.


For the PreACT test to successfully measure examinee's academic skills, it must be uniformly administered. Test coordinators, then, assume important professional responsibilities. As with all standardized testing, it is critical that the procedures you employ at your school are identical to those at other schools. By strictly following PreACT policies and procedures, you will help ensure a fair and equitable testing environment.

Content Guide

  • PreACT Policies and Procedures
  • Check-In and Security of Test Materials
  • Arrangement for Staffing
  • Test Administration Guidelines
  • Test Administration Procedures
  • Verbal Instructions for Examinee Information Sections
  • Verbal Instructions for the Subject Tests
  • Post-Test Activities to Be Completed by the Test Coordinator
  • Procedures Checklist
  • Forms
  • Anonymous Security Hotline
  • ACT Test Security Principles
  • Figures
  • Tables

Download the full version here:

PreACT Administration Manual

Administration Manual Thumb.PNG


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