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Online Prep - School Info Flyer


This flyer describes the benefits of the ACT Online Test Prep program and new features that are available for school use.


The Only Online Test Prep from the Makers of the ACT Gives Students an Edge

Meet your goals and your students' with ACT Online Prep. The new program:

  • Delivers lessons that provide a comprehensive review of the ACT's four subject tests (English, math, reading, science)
  • Provides students with a predicted ACT score using a practice tests
  • Identifies students' strengths-and areas where they need additional review
  • Creates personalized learning paths based on students' strengths and areas for improvement
  • Helps students become more familiar with the format of the ACT test
  • Gives each student online access, including a free mobile app, for maximum flexibility

The New ACT Online Prep Program Provides:

  • A special dashboard for educators. Instructors and counselors can track students' progress with their test preparation-and gain perspective on strengths and weaknesses at both student and classroom levels
  • Students with easy-to-use dashboards to help them monitor their progress and stay on track
  • The best simulated test-taking experience by using actual ACT tests
  • Instructors access to students' average practice test scores, including time spent per questions, and to explanations for the correct answers


Download the full version here:

Online Prep-School Info Flyer

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