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ACT Policy for English Learner Supports Documentation


This document provides individual examinees and educational programs/schools with specific information about ACT's policies regarding criteria for establishing an examinee's English learner status and the process for requesting supports on the ACT test.


ACT recognizes the need to expand access to English learners. ACT provides supports on the ACT test to US students who are English learners. These supports are designed to improve access and equity for those students whose proficiency in English might prevent them from fully demonstrating the skills and knowledge they have learned in school. The number of English learners is growing in our country and ACT is committed to improve access and opportunity for them and all underserved learners.

Content Guide

  • Introduction
  • Preparation of the Policy for Supporting English Learners on the ACT
  • Use of This Information
  • Guiding Principles for Determining English Learner Supports on the ACT
  • Criteria for Establishing English Learner Status
  • Supporting Documentation
  • ACT-Approved English Learner Supports
  • Confidentiality

Download the full version here:

ACT Policy for English Learner Supports Documentation

ACT Policy for English Learner Supports Documentation Image.PNG